• Peace of mind for the concerned consumer

    Anatara plans to develop Detach for use in farmed animals, providing an alternative to the use of antibiotics and thereby helping farmers supply antibiotic free meat.

  • Natural treatment for animal health

    Anatara’s Detach™ is a proven natural non-antibiotic treatment for diarrhoea in piglets with the potential for use in other farm livestock. More »

  • Advancing gastrointestinal health naturally

    Our product is made using an extract from pineapple stems that blocks the causes of diarrhoea. It’s a natural product that won’t contribute to the rise of so-called “superbugs” caused by the overuse of antibiotics.

Company description

Anatara Lifesciences is developing non-antibiotic oral solutions for gastrointestinal diseases in animals and humans. Our lead product Detach™ is a natural product that will help address global concerns around the overuse of antibiotics in animals and their feed that is contributing to the rise of so-called “super bugs” that make infectious diseases harder to treat. The Anatara team has a strong track record in biological science as well as building and growing international biotech companies.

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  • ABC Landline Story “How pineapples could protect piglets from infection”

    Diarrhoea can be deadly in pig farming. Scour, as it’s called in the industry, kills tens of thousands of piglets every year. It’s traditionally been treated with antibiotics, but a Queensland scientist has developed a powerful, natural alternative from an extract found in pineapple stems

    The full story on Anatara and Detach™ was featured on Landline, today (19/03/17) and can be viewed online here.

  • Anatara to feature on ABC’s Landline

    Very excited that the story of Anatara Lifesciences and our anti-infective product, Detach™ will feature on ABC’s Landline program this Sunday, March 19 at 12pm.

    Make sure you tune into see how we plan to help pig farmers across the globe! #anataralifesciences #detach™ #fightpigscour #AMR

    View the promotional video here.


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