Anatara Lifesciences is developing non-antibiotic oral solutions for gastrointestinal diseases in animals and humans.

Antimicrobial resistance – a critical health issue

With Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) dominating the news as a critical issue due to its serious health implications, governments have accordingly taken strict measures to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters in production animals. It is widely accepted that the overuse of antibiotics has contributed to the rise of super bugs, with adverse health impacts observed in both humans and animals.

Introducing Detach™

Anatara’s lead product Detach™, is a non-antibiotic treatment for the prevention of scour (diarrhoea) for use in animal husbandry. Made from BromelainRx, an extract from pineapple stems, Detach™ prevents diarrhoea by stopping disease-causing bacteria from attaching to the small intestine. It also acts by blocking inflammation and the secretory action of toxins, the underlying cause of diarrhoea.

Detach™ as a preventative

To prevent scour, Detach™ is given as a once only oral dose just before the expected onset of the disease with no need for changes in on-farm management practice.

Detach™ as a treatment

As a treatment, a single dose is administered as soon as the symptoms of scour appear.

History and market

Originally on the market with 40% share in the 1990s, Detach™ is a product that has been proven to work for scour in pigs, and may also be used in other farm animals, such as calves and chickens.  Detach™ provides a safe and proven non-antibiotic alternative for treating scour, which contributes to better farming economics (through improved animal weights and meat yields) and healthier animals.

Anatara plans to re-launch Detach™ within two years, first targeting the pork industry in Australia, and then the US and European markets. Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, creating a large market opportunity for Anatara.

Anatara’s team and opportunity

Backed by a well credentialed Board and Management team, and world-leading scientific collaborators, Anatara is uniquely positioned to fulfill a currently unmet need in the huge, global animal husbandry market.