What is Detach®?

Detach® is formulated with various ingredients, including Bromelain, a natural extract from pineapple stems, to allow oral administration and its efficient delivery to the small intestine.

Detach® has already been proven to be effective in reducing diarrhoea in pigs, known as scour, and may also be used in other farm livestock such as calves and chickens.

Market need

Anti-microbial resistance, or antibiotic resistance, is a serious global health problem, and an urgent solution is required to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock production.

It is well understood that the more that disease-causing bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, the harder it will be to treat diseases.

Anatara’s Detach® meets an urgent and unmet need for effective alternatives to antibiotics to control scour.

As consumers become more concerned about their food and its impact on their health, alternatives to antibiotics can provide the livestock industry with a competitive advantage in its marketing to consumers.

The active ingredient in Detach®, Bromelain, is already approved for human use, and has an extensive safety record. In 2017, the European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use classified Bromelain as not requiring a “Maximum Residue Limit” (MRL) which is reserved for those substances where residues at the predicted levels do not pose a hazard to the health of the consumer.

About Scour and the impact of Detach® on scour

Scour affects hundreds of millions of pigs and other farm animals around the world, impacting on their growth, and adversely impacting farming economics, through reduced meat production yields.

In clinical trials in several thousand piglets on commercial farms, a single, oral dose of Detach® reduced scour and scour-related death, reduced the requirement for antibiotics, and increased weight gains without the need for changes to on-farm management practices.

For more information about Detach® and its mode of action, please visit the Technology section of this website.

Detach® in the field

Detach® has demonstrated efficacy in clinical trials involving more than 6,000 piglets on multiple Australian commercial pig farms, where it reduced scour and scour-related death, improved weight gains and reduced the requirement for antibiotic use (see table below).  The results from these trials were analysed by the CSIRO using the AUSPIG, one of the world’s most advanced decision support software systems for pig producers, and were published in this article, in Milne’s Pork Journal, a leading pig industry journal. The analysis indicated that Detach® provided an economic benefit of 45% improvement in net revenue per pig or $5.18 per pig*.

In 2012, Anatara completed successful field studies in Europe on commercial pig farms and demonstrated that a new formulation of Detach® is as effective as it was in 1991. In one recent trial Detach® improved feed conversion ratios by up to 33%, when compared with piglets treated with colistin (an antibiotic) added to feed.

Summary of Detach® field trials conducted in 1991

Trial Summary Pre-weaner
No. of trials 11 8
No. of piglets 4,752 1,409
Reduction in mortality 42.4% 41%
Reduction in antibiotic use 67.4% 31%
Average daily weight gain 12.7% 8.6%
$ Benefit per 100 head $526* $299

Detach® development

Anatara plans to develop Detach® for pigs in Australia and then expand the program to Europe and the US.

Anatara completed field trials on commercial pig farms in Australia in 2014 and 2015, with field trials in Europe and the US to follow.

The use of Detach® in other animals, such as calves and chickens, will also be evaluated.