• Advancing gastrointestinal health naturally

    Our Gastrointestinal ReProgramming (GaRP) over-the-counter medicine is focused on addressing the chronic symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). More >>

  • Anatara Annual Report

    Anatara updates our shareholders in our 2022 Annual Report, highlighting we remain focused on the GaRP (Gastrointestinal ReProgramming multicomponent coated complementary medicine) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 200 patient clinical trial which the Company continues to prioritise, striving to achieve interim results by Q1CY2023. More>>

  • Anatara Company Vision

    Our vision is to provide evidence-based solutions for gastrointestinal tract health issues to address a significant unmet clinical need.In line with the Company’s vision, the IBS trial is consistent with developing innovative, evidence-based products for gastrointestinal health.

  • Summary of GaRP preclinical studies

    Anatara’s Gastrointestinal ReProgramming (GaRP) product successfully completes preclinical program – provides strong scientific proof that the unique over-the-counter medicine may be the breakthrough product so desperately needed by patients suffering chronic bowel conditions. More >>

Company description

Anatara Lifesciences (ASX:ANR) is developing and commercialising innovative, evidence-based products for gastrointestinal health where there is significant unmet need. Anatara is a specialist life sciences company with expertise in developing products for animal and human health. We are currently focused on building a pipeline of evidence-based, over-the-counter gastrointestinal health products, through in-house development and in-licencing and distribution opportunities.

Underlying this product development program is our commitment to delivering real outcomes for patients and strong value for our shareholders.

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