BRISBANE, June 24, 2014: Anatara Lifesciences, a company developing non-antibiotic treatments for gastrointestinal diseases in animals and humans, will be seeking distribution and development partners at the world’s largest biotechnology conference in the United States this week.

The company will be presenting at the 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego and introducing to thousands of attendees its lead product Detach™, a non-antibiotic treatment for diarrhoea.

Anatara CEO Dr David Venables says the company is addressing a significant global problem around the rise of antimicrobial resistance and so-called “superbugs” caused by the overuse of antibiotics in production animals and humans.

“The World Health Organization has warned that antimicrobial resistance is a significant looming threat to human health and authorities are now moving to tackle the issue by limiting the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture,” Dr Venables says.

Anatara, which raised $1.75 million in a private placing earlier this year, is currently focused on commercialising Detach™ for use in pigs ahead of expanding its use to other livestock and then developing it for use in humans.

“Detach™ is a proven, natural treatment for diarrhoea in piglets and is an effective alternative to antibiotics,” Dr Venables says.

Anatara’s Chairman, life science industry veteran Mel Bridges, says that growing consumer demand for antibiotic-free food will make Detach™ an attractive product for livestock farmers.

“We have a unique value proposition to enter a market that’s worth billions of dollars every year,” he says.

Anatara Chief Science Officer Dr Tracey Mynott, who was one of the creators of Detach™, says the medicine works against bacteria, viruses and other causes of diarrhoea.

“Detach™ acts by stopping bacteria from attaching to the lining of the intestine, as well as blocking the action of their toxins, the underlying cause of diarrhoea. It works differently to antibiotics in that it doesn’t try to kill bacteria and instead lets them pass through the intestine harmlessly.”

While at the BIO International Convention, Anatara will seek partnering opportunities with animal health companies to distribute Detach™ around the world. It will also seek partners to develop the medicine for human use.