The companies which presented in the Gut Health and Microbiome session at the 2019 Bioshares Biotech Summit are approaching the problem of untangling the complexity of the microbiome from different directions.

Anatara Lifesciences – Seeking Clinical Validation for GaRP

Steve Lydeamore, CEO of Anatara Lifesciences, outlined their strategy of utilising a specific dietary element to target the interface of the microbiome and the body. This product, named GaRP (Gastrointestinal Reprogramming Product), acts to “remove bacteria with pro-inflammatory properties” and “stimulate mucosal healing”.

The function of this product seems to be similar to that of a prebiotic, an emerging but competitive niche in the gastro-intestinal health market.

Anatara Lifesciences’ strategy of seeking clinical validation for this product will do well to set it apart from other prebiotics which usually trade as nutritional supplements.

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