6 NOV 2018 Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines AuthorityAPVMA Gazette

The APVMA Gazette No. 22 published details of the registration of Detach as a veterinary chemical product, which has now been granted by the APVMA.

Application no.: 108133
Product name: Detach
Active constituent/s: 670 mg/g bromelain
Applicant name: Anatara Lifesciences Ltd
Applicant ACN: 145 239 872
Summary of use: For aid in the control of scour and has positive health benefits in weaned piglets from 3 weeks of age and help increase survivability of scouring pre-weaning piglets
Date of registration: 26 October 2018
Product registration no.: 83368
Label approval no.: 83368/108133

181106 APVMA Gazette No. 22, 6 November 2018